Thursday, January 21, 2010

Some links from some great thinkers

Maclin Horton of Light On Dark Water, the first "official" member of the Coalition for Clarity blog, emailed me to share two posts of his on the subject of torture:

Torture: Safe, Legal, and Rare?

The Right Wing and 24

And over at Disputations, Tom has linked to a total of 41 posts he's written since October of 2006 on the subject of torture.

My advice to any Catholic who thinks that the Church approves of torture so long as Jack Bauer is doing it: start reading.

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  1. One person who should not go unrecognized is Zippy Catholic. He retired from blogging it seems, but left his blog up. He has done an enormous amount of heavy lifting on this subject. See his blog here: and type torture in the blogger search.

    Scott W.