Sunday, February 7, 2010

No more anonymous comments

I'm sorry to have to do this yet again, but it would seem that some people who love to post anonymously in order to be trolls on this blog have started to figure out that I'm not policing the comment boxes 24/7.

I've taken down some troll posts from today, and have returned comments to Google/Open ID accounts only. People who think they are very brave about the need to torture terrorists have a tendency to run away like naughty children when they are asked to sign a name (or even a web identity) to their childish screeds.

If you do not have a Google/Open ID account and cannot or do not wish to get one, but would still like to comment here, please feel free to email me at redcardigan (at) gmail (dot) com, and put "Comment for blog" in the subject heading. Then send me your comment along with the post title for the post where you want your comment to appear, and I'll post it for you. Unfortunately the controversial nature of this blog's posts means that leaving anonymous comments open would require full-time moderation of the comment boxes, something that nobody involved with this blog has the time to do.

I know one other option would be to set up the comments so they won't even publish until a moderator has approved them, but frankly I dislike the way that process interrupts the flow of legitimate conversations. So we'll do this for now, and perhaps a better option will be available eventually.

Thanks for your patience!

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