Saturday, February 6, 2010

Research on interrogation techniques?

Quick link to a story from The Sydney Morning Herald: Interrogators will do 'research', not torture

First off, not sure if the headline is quite accurate: seems they'll be researching methods of interrogation, not interrogating.

Second, I have no idea whether to hope for clear confirmation that there are better ways to interrogate prisoners, or to fear new justifications for abusive techniques.

In any case, it's fodder for prayer.

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  1. The researchers claim that they will be bound by the Army interrogation manual (FM 32-54 Sep 06).

    This manual is very good. It discusses things like free will, physical and mental violence, laws and convention regarding torture, humane teatment of prisoners and prohibited actions like water boarding.

    It also explains why inhumane treatment (it cites water boarding by name as inhumane)is counter productive as an interrogation technique and how humane treatment is the best method to extract reliable information from a subject.

    This manual is far more detailed than the one we had back in the Dark Ages But the morality found within and the "Americans are good guys and good guys do not torture" approach is unchanged.

    My fear is that the researchers are looking for loopholes in FM 32-54 so that our official government torturers can lawfully and openly torture Muslims.

    God bless

    Richard W Comerford