Monday, March 22, 2010

Something besides health care to talk about

The Pew Forum's survey from last year shows why some people suspect standing against torture to be an anti-Catholic or anti-religious attitude: statistically, it is.

But thank God we're not bound by statistics. Instead, we're bound to seek the truth and to pursue the good.

Jane Mayer of The New Yorker takes apart Marc Thiessen's arguments. Scott Horton of Harper's concurs.

Meanwhile, blogger Fabius Maximus gives a long list of readings about torture, and explains why it depresses him so.

And, across the pond, the U.K. continues to investigate their soldiers' "complicity in torture" that was carried out by U.S. soldiers. The Times of India alleges that the U.K. actually has been torturing prisoners directly. I haven't seen any corroboration of this allegation, though.


  1. "Something besides health care to talk about.."

    Yes, pay no attention to the taxpayer funded legalized murder of unborn children we will now be covering, we having terrorists we need to worry about! SICK!

  2. Jasper:

    How do you justify the time you spend reading a blog about torture when we will now be covering the taxpayer funded legalized murder of unborn children?

    Or are you exempt from your own scolding?