Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A credibility gap

Well, this is ironic--the author is Marc Thiessen:

Can an unborn child feel pain?

That question will dominate the abortion debate in America for the next several years thanks to Gov. Dave Heineman of Nebraska. Last week, Heineman signed the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act into law, banning abortions in Nebraska at and after 20 weeks based on growing scientific evidence that an unborn child at that age can feel pain.[...]

How did the pro-life position gain 18 percentage points in just 15 years? For one thing, scientific advances have allowed us to see inside the womb as never before. Once-experimental medical procedures, such as fetal surgery to repair spina bifida, have become increasingly common. And a 1999 photo of baby Samuel Armas, then at 21 weeks gestation, reaching out of his mother's womb and holding his doctor's finger touched millions of hearts around the world. People have been able to witness with their own eyes the humanity of the unborn child.

As this window into the womb was opening, the pro-choice movement was busy defending the gruesome practice of "partial birth" abortion. A ban on the practice was upheld by the Supreme Court in 2007. Now, thanks to the people of Nebraska, the national debate will shift to the topic of "fetal pain," which once again underscores the humanity of the unborn.

As this debate unfolds, science will continue to advance, allowing us to see -- and save -- babies at earlier and earlier periods of gestation. And the consensus will continue to grow that pre-born babies are indeed human beings, deserving of our love, our compassion and, most important, our protection.

I don't disagree with anything Mr. Thiessen writes here. I, too, think that opening our eyes to the reality of life in the womb is the best way to convince people of the value of these lives.

But the fact that Mr. Thiessen, who firmly believes that grown-up terrorists can feel pain and that we should inflict that pain on them to gain our own ends and that some of them are going to thank us for it, is the author of this piece illustrates the problems with being a pro-life, pro-terror Catholic. Frankly, there's a credibility gap when a man asks, "Can an unborn child feel pain?" but is eager to inflict pain on those humans who are already born.

I think human beings do deserve our love, our compassion, and our protection, especially via just laws. I just don't exclude "terrorists" from the category "human beings."

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  1. I just don't exclude "terrorists" from the category "human beings."

    I couldn't have put it better myself.