Thursday, October 28, 2010

Well, this was inevitable

Police have arrested a man for waterboarding his girlfriend:
OCTOBER 28--After accusing his girlfriend of cheating on him, a Nebraska man allegedly tied the woman to a couch in their apartment and waterboarded her, according to police.

Trevor Case, 22, has been charged with domestic assault, false imprisonment, and making terroristic threats in connection with the bizarre incident early Saturday morning at the Lincoln home he shared with the 22-year-old victim.

Police allege that Case stuffed "hospital socks" into Danielle Stallworth's mouth and bound her wrists with belts and hair ties before placing a shirt over her head and dousing it with water, according to a Lincoln Police Department report. “He poured a pitcher of water on her head, and she started freaking out and thought she wasn’t able to breathe,” cops noted.

The waterboarding practice, of course, leaves victims with the sensation that they are drowning. [Link in original...E.M.].

Well, thank goodness he didn't torture her. (Sarcasm alert.)

One of the commenters under the article appears to blame...the liberal media. 'Cause, you know, if they'd kept their mouths shut about all that Enhanced Interrogation so vital and necessary to national security, then only professionals would be doing it, and we wouldn't have these "back alley enhanced interrogation" situations (a phrase which, alas, didn't occur to the commenter, though it does to me).

Maybe they can charge this man with impersonating a federal agent.


  1. Now that that bridge has been crossed. Expect more of the same because the government will do nothing useful to stop it.

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