Friday, October 26, 2012

A post at my other blog re: drone warfare

How can we American Christians turn blind eyes to the horror of drone warfare and what it's doing to the children of the Middle East?  I wrote about it here:

Drone wars: the empire strikes children and American citizens

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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Are you okay with a secret government kill list?

Because I'm certainly not.

Neither is Jason Kuznicki.

Nor Kyle Cupp.

Nor Mark Shea.

Nor Thomas McDonald.

There is no justification in the moral law which would allow any government official to maintain a secret list of enemies--including American citizens--who can be ordered to be killed without arrest, trial, due process, or anything else.

And that's assuming they really are guilty.  Much of the time our efforts at remote-control extra-legal executions kill innocent bystanders.

This.  Must.  Stop.

If you think that the question is not whether we must have a kill list, but whether Barack Obama or Mitt Romney is the better man to have this power, you have already lost the election no matter who wins.