Monday, November 12, 2012

Mark Shea congratulates Obama voters...

...sarcastically, of course, for voting for the dronicides of innocent children.

Drone strikes fail the Just War test in many ways, but most of all because they disproportionately harm the innocent.  For every one actual bad guy they allegedly kill, they kill, maim, or wound dozens of people who were committing the crime of Being in the General Vicinity.  Obama supporters, especially Catholic ones, should reflect on the fact that their guy in Washington seems awfully fond of killing children in the name of freedom and safety--both the unborn, the just-born, and the children of people among whom terrorists might allegedly be lurking (because, hey, the child might grow up to be a terrorist too).  Like Mark says: own it.  Go ahead and admit that you weren't even trying to vote for lesser evil.